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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Three CNPS Listed Plants - One Location

Yosemite Onion (Allium yosemitense) - Congdon's Lewisia (Lewisia congdonii)

Congdon's Woolly Sunflower (Eriophyllum congdonii)

 Flower Fact:

The genus name, Ranunculus, is Latin for little frog and was chosen because most buttercups thrive in wet places where frogs abound.  The clear yellow color and their glossy look are created by light reflected off the layer of starch grains located just beneath the yellow pigment cells.  These perennials are usually from one to two feet tall and freely branching.  The leaves vary from one half to three inches long and are generally wedge shaped and divided into threes.   Flowers are from one half to three quarters of an inch across and usually have 5 to 9 petals with up to thirty plus pistils and as many as 80 or more pollen producing stames.  It is typically one of the first flowers to bloom in an area.  Native Americans gathered the seeds and parched them to remove the husks and the bitter taste.  The seeds were then pounded into a meal and stored as a delicacy for special occasions. 

  Discover California Wildflowers - Mary Ruth Casebeer

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I have attempted to create a place to learn, share, and enjoy the incredible diversity of the wildflowers to be found in Tuolumne County of California (Home of Yosemite National Park)  and its nearby surrounding areas.   It has such a variety of terrain, soils, geology, microclimates and elevation differences that all contribute to the numbers of plants and long viewing season that are virtually unmatched in such a relatively small geographic area.  This is truly an opportunity to wonder at the visual offerings that greet all those who choose to explore this marvelous region.

All of the photographs, identifications and accompanying information have been created with the goal of accuracy and completeness.   I would welcome comments, additional information, and/or  input on any mistakes, omissions, or inaccuracies that you discover.  If you find this site has been useful and/or enjoyable, I would appreciate hearing from you through the contact link I've provided.

If simply looking at these lovely images has only whetted your appetite to see and learn more, I would invite you to spend  some time and actually visit the Tuolumne County area and experience for yourself the special opportunities to observe these stunning blooms in their natural habitats.



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