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I will try to make available information on individuals, groups, and organizations that have either periodic field trips or guided hikes/walks in the Tuolumne County area.  Most of these activities are not targeted exclusively at wildflowers, but all have opportunities to observe blooming wildflowers and frequently have knowledgeable wildflower folks as part of the group.

Audubon Society                                            Schedule                       Contact:  Field Trips, Barry Boulton                           Email

Bureau of Reclamation                                  Schedule                       Contact:  Field Trips, Tracy Neal, 536-9094                Email

California Native Plant Society               Current  Newsletter                                                                 2009      2010    2011   2012  Fieldtrips         

    Contact:    Field Trips, Jennie Haas, 962-4759            Email

Sierra Club (Tuolumne Group)                            Schedule                        Contact:  Outings, Harvey Karlin                                             Email  

Sierra Club (Delta Sierra Group)                         Schedule                        Contact:  Outings, Frank Oyung, 962-7585                   Email  

Sierra Foothill Conservancy                          Schedule                        Contact:  Jeanette, 209-877-2362                                             Email  

Yosemite Association                                             Schedule                        Contact:  Seminars                                                                                      

Others                                                              Schedule

If you know of any other groups or individuals conducting walks/hikes that have potential for wildflower viewing and wouldn't mind if other people joined their outing, please let me know and I will add them to this page.

Events of Special Interest

Jepson Herbarium Public Programs            Schedule

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