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I invite you to join the Tuolumne Wildflowers forum.   This is a service provided by Yahoo Tech Groups that I've provided a link to.  To join, you must be approved by the moderator at which time you have access to all of the posted messages, photos (with the ability to upload your own images), an event calendar, automatic email notifications (if you choose) of postings, and all of the other features of the forum format.

My philosophy on the forum is that the more people who choose to actively participate the more beneficial and useful it will become to all of the forum members.  It is a relatively easy way to exchange info and seek help from others who share your interest in wildflowers.  The reason for the approval by the moderator to join is to prevent unwanted "spamming" by a small minority who might prove "disruptive" to the purpose of the forum.  Be assured that if you have an interest in wildflowers, you will be approved and welcomed to the forum.

Part of the process for joining the forum is either to use your existing Yahoo id (if you have one) or to create a Yahoo user account with id and password and then selecting the button to join the group.  Click here on the word forum to be taken to the Yahoo hosting website:




May 2009 Plant Quiz                         Answer Sheet     Quiz       With ID

Sep 2009 Plant Quiz                          Answer Sheet     Quiz       With ID

Oct  2009 Plant Quiz                          Answer Sheet     Quiz       With ID

Nov 2009 Plant Quiz                          Answer Sheet     Quiz       With ID

Feb 2010 Plant Quiz                         Answer Sheet       Quiz      With ID

  • 2/04/12 - New worksheets for 2012 have been added as well as several new locations
  • 1/26/12 - More observers are needed to provide a wider coverage area,  more locations,  and to provide more frequent updates.  If you would like to participate, you may contact us through the feedback contact link.


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