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Viewing Locations & What's Blooming Now

An Overview Map of Area and Locations

Blooming Seasons by Location

Observations will be continually updated as reported.

              Area Info                                     2007    2008    2009    2010    2011   2012         Latest Report

  1. Bell Meadow Area *                  List    List   List   List   List        7/17/11
  2. Big Trees State Park                List    List   List   List   List        5/23/10
  3. Cherry Lake Road Area           List    List   List   List    List       7/05/10 
  4. Clark Fork Trail *                      List    List   List   List   List        7/10/11
  5. Confidence Trail              List    List    List   List   List   List        5/13/11 
  6. Coyote Meadow Area *             List    List   List   List   List
  7. Disaster Creek Trail *               List    List   List   List    List       7/05/10
  8. Dragoon Gulch Trail                 List    List   List   List    List       3/21/12
  9. Eagle Meadow Area        List    List    List   List   List    List       7/11/10 
  10. Evergreen Road Area      List    List   List   List   List    List       6/09/11
  11. Gianelli Cabin Area *                 List   List   List   List    List       7/13/09
  12. Heron Point Trail *                     List   List   List   List   List
  13. Herring Creek Area *                 List   List   List   List   List        8/23/11
  14. Hetch Hetchy Area                                                             List     List  
  15. Italian Bar Road Area       List   List   List   List   List    List        4/24/11
  16. Knights Ferry Area            List    List    List    List   List   List        3/30/11
  17. Lake Eleanor Trail  *                                                          List     List  
  18. Leavitt Lake Area                      List   List  List    List    List        7/31/10
  19. McCormick Creek Area *           List  List   List    List    List        8/15/10
  20. Mount Dana Area                              List   List    List    List        8/01/10
  21. Natural Bridges Area        List    List  List   List    List    List        4/09/11
  22. New Melones Trail            List    List  List   List    List    List        4/09/11
  23. Pinecrest Lake Area *                List  List   List    List     List        6/14/11
  24. Red Hills Area                   List    List  List   List    List    List        4/13/11
  25. Sonora Pass Area *                        List   List    List    List    List        7/30/11 
  26. St. Mary's Pass Area         List   List   List   List   List     List        7/30/11
  27. Sugar Pine Trail *                       List   List   List   List    List         6/20/11
  28. Table Mountain Area         List   List   List   List   List    List         3/27/10
  29. Trumbull Peak Area                                             List     List            5/14/11
  30. Tuolumne Road Area        List    List   List   List   List   List         5/24/11
  31. Wards Ferry Road Area    List    List   List   List   List   List         5/25/10
  32. Westside Trail                   List    List   List   List   List   List         4/29/12

If  you would like to join our pool of observers/reporters for a particular location or simply at large with no specific area, then please let me know via the contact link so that I can add your information to this site.

The locations with an asterisk have been provided by Tom Tuttle and the lists are based on his actual observations.  The other locations reflect my actual observations and some by other people; and while these are fairly comprehensive,  they are certainly not intended to represent all species within that area.   The major exceptions are the list for the Red Hills area that was derived from my own observations and a 1986 list compiled by the BLM and the Big Trees State Park list that was developed by one of their volunteers.   As you may have noticed, these lists do include blooming plants (trees, shrubs and flowers); but do not include any grasses (graminoids).  This was done by intent.  Any help and/or contributions to expand these lists and/or to add additional areas would be welcomed.

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