Bell Meadow

Round trip: 2.4 miles
Difficulty: easy
Start Elevation: 6550 feet
Elevation Change: 0 feet
Map: USFS Pinecrest Quadrangle 473-2


An easy level trail through Bell Meadow noted for its extensive Aspen groves. The flower survey covers only the first mile of the trail up to Bell Creek. The trail continues beyond the creek (which can be difficult to cross during spring run-off) to Grouse Lake and beyond -- a major entry into the Emigrant Wilderness backcountry. Large numbers of Horsemint, Mountain Bluebells, Mugwort, Cone Flowers and Stickseed can usually be found here.





Trailhead Directions

From highway 108 about a mile past Cold Springs turn off onto signed Crabtree Road (4N26). Follow this paved road to Aspen Meadow, 7.0 miles. At the T turn right onto the paved road 4N25 following the signs to Bell Meadow. After 0.4 miles turn left onto the signed gravel and dirt road (4N02Y) to Bell Meadow (2.0 miles). This road crosses a creek which may difficult to cross during spring run-off. The traihead has ample parking and is signed. During the early season it is wise to check at the Summit Range Station to see if the road is open. (An alternate route from the Summit Ranger Station is to take the road to Dodge Ridge Ski Area and at the entrance to the ski area parking turn right on the paved connecter road 4N06Y to Crabtree Road.)