This area is located in Stanislaus National Forest and is accessible from SR 108.The exit is fairly well marked and the road is paved more than half of the way to the meadow.†† From the end of the pavement, it is about another three miles to a parking/campingarea near the trailhead.There is a restroom facility in the camping area.The trail is mostly level with only slight elevation changes for your hike.The elevation of the meadow is about 7000 feet so if you are unaccustomed to altitude take it easy.Depending on the previous winterís snowfall and the melt rate, the meadow may be inaccessible until the middle or end of June.There is a stream that runs through the meadow and the rest of the area is generally wet for most of the summer and fall.Because of this it is a good idea to take waterproof or water resistant boots for your visit.This is a great area to observe subalpine species.In a normal weather year the blooming period begins in middle June and continues until August with a few species that are earlier bloomers and several that can be later in blooming.









(Last revised 2/05/07)